The Cult of the Dragon

Worth the cost

Musings of the bard formerly known as Kadence

Thank the gods, it’s finally over. The nightmares, which have plagued me for… months? Surely it has been longer than that… have finally ended.

We stopped Tiamat from escaping the Nine Hells and running rampant over the Realms, at no small cost to everyone involved. A lot of good people died serving this cause. And if I never have to manage the differing personalities of pompous, arrogant rulers more interested in either preserving their image or mitigating the loss of a portion of treasure which there was no guarantee we would secure in the first place, it will be too damn soon!

The deal with the devils… I keep waiting for that one to come back and bite me on the ass. All in all, though, I think most of the souls they collected were souls that were destined for the Nine Hells anyway. It became a question of going to Tiamat with the knowledge that you failed her, or going to some other portion of hell. It’s funny… I appreciate someone knowing what I was willing to sacrifice to get the devils’ aid (thanks Grrr), but I also am glad that most people don’t.

It’s strange now when I walk through the streets of Waterdeep. It seems like everywhere I go, people know who I am. I’m not sure how I feel about that. The attention and flattery are great, but along with that come the expectations that I can right all the wrongs (real or imagined) that these people have ever suffered. I didn’t ask to be a hero nor do I care to try and right all the wrongs in this world. There is no more sitting quietly in a bar, having a drink and maybe performing a song or two while I figure out who I’d like to take to bed.

I think maybe it’s time for Kadence to retire and only come out for “important” occasions (and possibly Gavin’s wedding). And, as much as it feels weird for me to say, I think Scourge is dead. That’s not something I can go back to, at this point. The question, then, becomes – who am I now? Ah ah ah, to answer, well now, that would be telling, wouldn’t it? And I can’t have that.


KenB Amaeryllis

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