The Cult of the Dragon

The partial retirement of Grr Animal-Friend

Stopping the Cult of the Dragon from bringing Tiamat back was a major victory, but the job is not yet done. The battle at the well of dragons caused more destruction than I have ever seen. It will take me many months to heal the land. At least I have made some new friends from the emerald enclave that are able and willing to help. They have told me stories of the vast wildlands that they protect, and I think I would like to spend some time there someday.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The threat of Thay has been revealed to me. Their perversion of everything living is something that must be stopped. I discussed it with the pixies and they think it would be amusing if we teleport in, knock down their castles with earthquakes, and teleport back out. I wonder how many castles they have. Maybe Gavin will join me for a more tactical assault. He seems to have a good mind for these things.


KenB ericmichealbrown

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