The Cult of the Dragon


Maybe I am just being too paranoid. With all the things that have been going on, is it possible I’m seeing things, patterns, deceptions that aren’t really there?

Take the apparent suicides of not just one but two scribes working for members of the council. To me, this feels like the Cult’s attempt to find a way to worm someone into the room where all the major decisions are happening, to have a finger on the pulse of the opposition.

Next, take Lady Molly’s reaction. It could just be that she’s a jealous woman and concerned that I’m going to try to steal Gavin from her. If this is actually the case, it’s laughable. But the change in demeanor between how she reacts to me now and how she reacted to me the last time we met bothers me. Again, I could just be seeing shadows which aren’t really there.

Finally – that elf in charge in the Misty Forest. Could be he gave us the village’s worst tracker because he honestly figured the trail would be so easy to follow that even she could handle it Or, could be he was trying to get us lost in the wilderness. Am I going to start second guessing everything? I used to be better than this. Used to be people were second guessing me. Weird, I know.

At least we did find what appears to be the lair of the green dragon that’s been ravaging the villages. And we took care of the “grunt” minions so far. We’ll have to see what else we can find.


KenB Amaeryllis

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