Four-armed troll and Groundskeeper at the Parnast Hunting Lodge


Trepsin the four-armed troll is the ground-keeper at the Parnast hunting lodge. He is simple-minded but has the rare troll characteristic of thinking slightly beyond his next meal. At least a few hours beyond.


Trepsin has lived his whole life in and around the Greypeak mountains. Early on in his life a scouting troop stumbled on him while he was napping. They managed to sever young Trepsin’s right arm before he had a chance to kill them. Having never experienced troll’s regenerative properties himself, the confused Trepsin held his severed limb to his torso for a full day until it reattached itself. He must not have aligned the arm quite right, because another arm grew back right below it.

Trepsin was very excited by his new-found ability to scratch his head, balls, and ass simultaneously. A month later he managed to convince a very confused wandering knight to sever his left arm, so he could repeat the process. Unfortunately, Trepsin’s attempts to grow himself a fifth arm were never successful.

Trepsin found his four arms and particular strength very useful in making himself the leader of a small pack of trolls. Months later he used sheer force of intimidation to keep the other trolls in his pack from eating a giant-speaking travelling scholar they encountered. He kept the scholar alive for months while learning to read and write his native tongue. Unfortunately, a hunger winter week may have resulted in the traveling scholar accidentally finding his way into a boiling pot.

Talis the White encountered Trepsin and his pack while on a day excursion out from the hunting lodge. She realized that Trepsin might be a bit easier to control than the average troll. She offered him a position as guards in exchange for keeping him and his pack fed and giving him access to any giant-language books she might have. The only giant-language book that she found in the hunting lodge was a book on the worship of the demon lord Baphomet.


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