The Cult of the Dragon

Yuanti and mummies and trolls, oh my!

Yuanti. Why did it have to be Yuanti?

Seriously Rhaps, the world is getting stranger and stranger. We rescued the white wyrmspeaker from the Yuanti, only to interrogate him and, when he was no longer useful, behead him. But before that happened, my erstwhile companions thought it would be fun to taunt some trolls living in the well to come out and “play”. I admit, I had to teach Gavin how to properly taunt a troll (duh, yes, of course you offer them halfings!) but I still don’t understand why it was even necessary in the first place.

We did get some useful information out of Varrim, but a lot less than we’d hoped for. Sabir at least should be able to put some of the information to good use, long term, after we get back to civilization.

Dedarius’s temple / whatever you want to call it… weird place. Lots of annoyances to be dealt with and the scrying pool required a living sentient being as a sacrifice so needless to say we skipped that part. The only good thing we did there was let a crazy librarian ghost finally get the rest she deserved.

Anyway, I need a favor. You remember that gnome I’ve talked about before. You know the one… turns out her friends had and the lost the white mask. And she’s asked us to conduct the investigation and interrogation of the people who knew where it was being kept. Seriously… she’s asking us. Keep an eye and ear out, would you?

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.


Erstwhile companions? Did someone leave the party without me noticing?

KenB Amaeryllis

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