The Cult of the Dragon

When in Dough Bash It Out

Dear Mother

I have always hated hedge mazes, but you play nicely and you walk the ladies through the maze and we all pretend it was fun. Well not my friend Grr! No he got sick of the maze and decided to walk through the hedge, and you know what? He was right, that was the way, but I have gotten ahead of myself.

So after dealing with Mid-Summer, dragon attacks, and an incubus that I wish I could kill again, we got a chance to see my favorite gnome in the whole world, Jamna. She had stolen a letter that had info on where the blue mask was. It appears that a man named Iskinder wishes to defect from the cult. He misses the old days of just making Dracolichs, and does not want to bring back the 5 headed lady. He is in Xthonals Tower with other wizards, most likely Red Wizards, and he wants out, and he wants to be rescued. Well we go to save this guy, and we get to find out 1st hand he is a knuckle head. So to get to the tower you need to get through a magical maze, and as we approach this guy goes to the top of the tower, and yells “Heroes! I have it, come find me at the bottom of the tower”. He then gets into a fight with a guard, and throws him from the top of the tower, so everyone now knows we are on the way, and who we are coming to get. Thanks Iskinder!
Now we enter the maze and it sucks, magic, illusions, conjurations, and mumbo-jumbo. We fight water monsters; we wonder around, we fight a Dao, we wonder around, we play games with Cyclopes, and we wander around!!!! And then like a stroke of genius Grr say he is going to just hack his way through the hedge maze, and POW. The illusion fads and we are at the base of the tower. We have been able to find a way into the tower, and we also found the dead guy that Iskinder killed, but we have not found him yet. So it is time to search the tower for the tall man in the purple robes, let’s hope he is not dead.

So on another note, I am not sure if The Lady Mollasandra Minuette Brightwater DeSolla, Second Daughter of House DeSolla, Keeper of the Keys, Lady in good standing with the Houses of Termish will be staying in Waterdeep or not. She had been attacked by a devil, and I can only hope that she can recover from the mental aspect of his ordeal. I wanted to stay with her and help her through it, but the cult is not waiting for me to deal with my love and her pain. If she comes home please help her as you can, we all know how the 1st witch of house DeSolla can be.

Well Wishes your son


PS: you know I think I should get the council to give me my own lands, and title. If I survive all of this that is.


KenB terryhardy0

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