The Cult of the Dragon

Thay is the worst place ever -- introspection of Grr Animal-Friend

After clearing out Xonthal’s tower, we found the corpse of the cultist defector Iskinder and the blue dragon mask. Kadence combined it with the green one to create an even more powerful dragon mask. While cool, I am concerned that bad things could happen if we bring more of them together. Gavin claimed a blue dragon tooth for his necklace after a brief fight with another dragon.

The Zhents were eager to buy our newly captured tower from us so we sold it to them for 50000 gp (Balisar could have a bag full of spyglasses now!), in exchange for their help in the battle to come. They also agreed to move the library with the portal to our hunting lodge. Balisar thinks the portal goes to the city of brass in the plane of elemental evil. I’m not sure what were going to do with this, but it sounds like trouble.

The council then sent us to Thay, which I have to say is the worst place ever. Every creature there seems to be some sort of undead abomination. Gavin got upset at them for magically interrogating us in our dreams (which was extremely unpleasant), then they refused to work with us as they thought Gavin was impolite. I really don’t understand politics. We reported to the council that the Thayans are a bunch of dicks, and we should go back and chop them up with a sunglaive. I would enjoy trying out some of my new sun spells on them after we finish with the cult.

The council has finally agreed to attack the well of dragons in 2 weeks. Some exciting news came in at the last minute that our cloud giant friend with the flying castle is sending help too. I knew that helping our giant friends was a wise decision, and we would not have to worry about giants causing trouble in Faerun any time soon.


KenB ericmichealbrown

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