The Cult of the Dragon

Midsummer Meetings

From the private journal of Balasar


How fitting that on a day which doesn’t exist in any month, we bring in a prisoner that doesn’t exist.

We returned Melandrach’s wayward son to the council, to face judgement as the Green Wyrmspeaker. In the midst of being done a huge favor by having his dirty laundry not aired in open session, Melandrach was still an arrogant ass. Perhaps his gods should turn him into a goat for a few decades? I have it on good authority that being turned into a lesser creature helps cure arrogance.1

Kadence mentioned the Devils’ offer to the council. I think she did it just to make them realize how bad an idea it would be, but they were far more receptive to the idea than I would have liked. Also, if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t know how much of my belief is wishful thinking. She is quite disturbingly attractive, and I’m not naive enough to forget the tendency we all have to make excuses for those we find attractive.

Onthar asked us to look into the murders of the council aides. We tracked down the incubus who had been charming others into killing for him, only to discover that he had sent Lady Molly to commit suicide that very day. In my haste to get to Lady Molly and free her from this compulsion, I neglected to cast Protection From Evil on my companions before I (and the divine aura of Bahamut that surrounds me) left.

Hearing Kadence and Gavin arguing over the past few days, watching them go at it hammer and tongs like an old married couple, I can perhaps be excused for assuming both to be too strong-willed to fall for even magical compulsions. Unfortunately, that’s all it would be — an excuse.

Some troubles with magical charms aside, however, they managed to dispatch the incubus back to the vile hells that spawned him, after learning that his fiendish masters have recorded everything the council has discussed (and even the very occasional things that the council has done) for months. That would be bad enough if he were part of the hellish faction which claims to be working against Tiamat, but such is not the case.

At this point, we may be saved only by the fact that evil is by its nature terrible at working together. The devil who cornered us in the inn and claimed to have every reason to be on our side, for example, still refused any help unless given unreasonable concessions. I can only hope that that same tension exists between the devils and Red Wizards, and between the Red Wizards and the Cult. If it does, their unwillingness to share will be their undoing.

1 For example, I once would have been sceptical that there even are yet-lower creatures into which elves could be turned.


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