The Cult of the Dragon

Lair of the Green Dragon - introspection of Grr Animal-Friend

I must’ve caught some sort of disease the last time we were in Waterdeep, because I woke up this morning in the misty forest not knowing how I got there, and the rest of my friends were gone. I was able to find my way to an elven village that was recently attacked by the green dragon we came to hunt. My visit was dampened by the local raven-neglector and lord who didn’t seem to grasp the urgency of our quest to save his village. Of course the raven knew what was going on — I don’t know why I even bother talking to the humanoids first. The lord was being bullied by the green wyrmspeaker into giving up information about other nearby villages.

An incompetent tracker — although still more helpful than the lord — was able to point me in the direction of my friends. I caught up to them at the entrance of the green dragon’s lair, and just in time. A whole garrison of cultists, the wyrmspeaker, and the dragon were waiting for us. Kadence’s firestorm and Gavin’s polearm made short work of the garrison. The new guy Balisar literally exploded the dragon with his sword and a holy light. Am I glad the animal spirits sent him to join our cause. I was able to test out one of my new elemental forms the spirits granted me — very fun, and the dragon didn’t seem to like it one bit.

We managed to capture the wyrmspeaker, who turned out to be an elven prince who led a coup against the king, then faked his own death using a doppleganger in a deception that would’ve put Sabir to shame. We can turn the wyrmspeaker in to the council, so maybe now they’ll help us go after the well of dragons.


I feel bad, I though that Grr was awake when we left. He was talking and everything, i though that talking to the bugs was normal!

KenB ericmichealbrown

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