The Cult of the Dragon

Welcome to Hoard of the Dragon Queen
Introductory Information and Instructions


Our adventure will be based on the official Wizard of the Coast adventure “Hoard of the Dragon Queen”. This adventure will pit your party against the Cult of the Dragon.


In order to tie our party together, your backstory must include having spent a significant part of the past several months in or around the trade city of Scornubel. Recently, each member of the party has signed on as guards to accompany the merchant Baydale Woofall’s caravan to the city of Greenest. Each one of you has your own motivation for signing to travel to Greenest. In addition to/instead of the bond(s) selected during character generation, choose one from the page below.

To Do

Before Friday (8/7/15)

  1. Create your characters following the standard 5e ruleset (point buy). You can find printable character sheets on the D&D website.
  2. After creating your character, create a page for character here in Obsidian Portal. Just click on “Characters” and then click on the “+” to make the character. Secret information about your character’s backstory can be added to the “For GM eyes only” section. Be sure to upload a picture for your character too.
  3. Add a link to your character’s page to the wiki page here Characters

Before Friday (8/14/15)

  1. After uploading information about your own character, take a look at the other player’s characters. You can use the forum post I made to come to an agreement with each other player what the nature of your interactions have been prior to the start of the campaign.
  2. Obtain a miniature you want to represent your character in battles.



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