Lady Molly

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The Lady Molly

Lady Mollasandra Minuette Brightwater DeSolla, Second Daughter of House DeSolla, Keeper of the Keys, Lady in good standing with the Houses of Termish Wow that is a mouth full when introducing Molly.
Lady Molly is the only child of Anna DeSolla the First Daughter of House DeSolla (aka 1st Witch of house DeSolla, No really! she might be a Witch) Now you might think that would make Molly a catch, second in line to lead a powerful house. Well you would be wrong; the problem has to deal with her mother. Anna DeSolla is dangerous and powerful. An example of this power is Molly herself. Anna’s husband is human, Anna herself is human, and Mollasandra is elf blooded. Anna DeSolla holds so much power that no one ever talks about this fact, not even Anna’s husband who calls himself Molly’s father. We all know the truth, but no one talks about it in the open. Rumor has it that Molly’s real father is some Fey lord who her mother was infatuated with.
As for Molly she is lovely and nice, not the most experienced woman you will ever meet, she was very sheltered, and is a bit naive. The other thing about Molly is that once she has decided on something it is hard to get her to change her mind, and that is why she is sure we are getting married. I just need to avoid getting trapped in a wedding chapel somewhere.

Lady Molly

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