The Cult of the Dragon

In a Battle Dragons beats Elves……silly elves.

I did not DIE!

Dear Mother did you know? Now I understand this council that has formed to battle Tiamat, is run with an undercurrent of Greed. We have now found out that all of this good will to fight the good fight is being motivated by everyone wanting a shear of the hoard that the cultists have accumulated. Some of them are so worried about getting gold that they seem to have forgotten that Tiamat might get a chance to enter our world. Now that I have an idea of what is really going on I think I can raise an army.
So far the Flaming Fist and the Purple Knights will send troops. I believe this is because they understand that we need to deal with the cult now, not once they have divine dragon help on their side. Almost everyone else is waiting for me and my associates to prove ourselves again. In order to prove how cool I am I was able to negotiate with the Metallic Dragons and they have agreed to also send troops. But dealing with dragons can be difficult. They are SO old and have so many grudges; thankfully we were able to deal with most of it. Speaking of grudges did you know that one in our ancestors was a thief who stole a bag of holding from a copper dragon about 1000 years ago? How cool is that?! So this copper dragon Tazmikella said I smelled like someone who stole from her about 1000 years ago. I am really going to have to learn more about these good dragons. Maybe we have some dragon affiliation in our blood from who knows when. I can see learning a lot if I can get over being treated like a pet. Oh but back to my dragon army, one of the things they wanted was an apology from the elves. This is the funny part the elves pushed back saying that if I forced them to apology they would withhold troops…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA right in fighting a flying enemy like evil dragons I have to make a choice between elf army or a good dragon army….hahahahahahahahahaha… Right, hard to pick.
I believe that if my cadre and I can complete one more mission we can get this army rolling. There are reports of a green dragon with a rider attacking the elven woods not far from here. My Troll at arms Trapsin had a prisoner from the cult. This man told us a little about the cult, and that the green worm speaker was named Narumvain. My guess is that the rider is the green worm speaker. To get a worm speaker out of the battle and to hand over the green mask to the Brass dragon Ileuthra should put the cultist on their heels.
I wonder if I could convince one of the good dragons let me ride them. Maybe one of the younger ones who is looking for adventure, Gavin Breen Dragon Rider! Humm I would have to get cool matching armor to match the color of this adventurous dragon.
Talk to you soon.
PS: It was so romantic when I gave the Lady Molly her matching platinum-dragon tooth neckless (is dragon tooth a kind of ivory?). She was so happy to get it. Also I was surprised to see that she was put to work as a scribe from the Turmish delegation, if you can send me a massage with some background on what is going on.


Dragon Riders of Breen!
Where do you get dragon saddles made?

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