The Cult of the Dragon

Crystal City Musings

Wait. This is a job interview?

Everything was going so well. I’d summoned a new familiar to replace Az (Ez, the cutest owl on Toril), and we headed off to Luskan with Macath. Outside of Luskan, we were attacked by pirates, as is traditional for the town. After switching from our damaged ship to their more intact one (and burying their dead and not-yet-dead at sea), we headed into town to fix Kadence’s ugly rock problem.

We stopped by the Hottstower of the Arcane to discuss the Cult. There, we discovered that the Arcane Brotherhood color codes their leaders in a way oddly similar to the Cultists, got a minor history lesson on the Drachorn which provided no new information, and extracted their promise to destroy Hazirawn (the sword).

Why do I specify “the sword”? Because when we were later discussing the fact that I flavor all of my food with Prestidigitation, I suddenly woke up here. My best theory is that I was poisoned by Hazirawn (the meat puppet).


KenB tsotate

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